From the Background to the Stage
Trent Gilliss, Online Editor

In the photo above, President Obama signs the proclamation marking May 7, 2009 as the National Day of Prayer. In the background: Joshua DuBois, director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. If you haven’t heard, Krista will be interviewing DuBois for a live, public event at the Fitzgerald Theater in Saint Paul on May 20th (get the details here). But, just because you don’t live in Minnesota doesn’t mean you can’t attend and participate in the event!

We’ve opened up our production process (Krista’s unedited interviews, video of editorial sessions, blogs, First Person projects), but I’ve been remiss about not being able to share live events in real time — to share the magical energy of an event as it happens. We experimented with streaming video, unadvertised, with the Jean Vanier interview; it worked. We streamed Krista’s virtual conference with a class at American University; it worked. Then our connection flopped during the Brooks-Dionne event at Georgetown.

But, this time we’re in our environs. All the connections and pipes can be checked and double-checked. So we’re pushing forward with real-time video of Krista and DuBois’ conversation on our Web site (or embed it on your own blog). But, we need your participation to consider this a success. Ask questions and make comments as it happens, and I’ll make sure they get into the hands of our producers for consideration. Some will be asked by Krista on stage, crediting you. Or simply talk about it on Twitter (#sofevent) about ideas or points that you find interesting.

Please welcome others in your communities to attend. If you need any materials (posters, graphics, URLs, etc.), please let us know. Drop us a line. And, if you live in the Twin Cities metro area, we’re still looking for attendees for our salon with Krista the morning after!

(photo: Pete Souza/White House)

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