Anonymous asked:
Do offer any paid traineeships? I really admire your program. I also admire the courage of your program in speaking on religion, spirituality, ethics in a society where there is such a void on these topics yet such a hunger for meaning, spirituality at the same time. Thank you.

We most definitely do, both radio and online interns. We’ve been down two staff members for more than a year now, so it’s been difficult to open up our internships as of late. But, we’re hoping that once we hire a senior producer we can bring in some more young minds. We want to do it right, which means having someone to mentor an intern and give her or him the best experience possible.

Having an intern onboard energizes all of us at On Being and also reminds us how great it was to be in college once upon a time.  When we’re hiring again, we’ll definitely post it on Tumblr and on our other social media outlets. Cheers!

~answered by Trent Gilliss, senior editor

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