Anonymous asked:
Is the Desmond Tutu "I love mangos" interview available on line

Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Krista Tippett and a Bowl of Dried MangosPhoto by Trent Gilliss

I have never thought of our show with Archbishop Tutu as the “‘I love mangos’ interview” but what a perfect way to remember it. The moment was quite delightful and was fun to stand in the presence of and witness.

As to your question, yes, there are several ways to listen. You can stream or download the mp3 for "Tutu’s God of Surprises" on the show’s website. Or, if you like, we offer the complete, unedited version too. It’s a lot of fun and you won’t be disappointed.

Now to get around to cutting and editing that video…

~answered by Trent Gilliss, senior editor

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