Anonymous asked:
If you want to find God try spending 30 yrs. in a siberian prison.

Dear Anonymous:

The Long Walk by Slavomir RawiczDid you (or someone you know) spend three decades in a Siberian gulag? If so, let’s talk! We definitely want to hear about your experiences and ways of thinking about the divine in the world. Here’s my email address: and my phone number: 651.290.1354.

If not, might I recommend reading Slavomir Rawicz’s epic tale “The Long Walk” (the movie is not nearly as good as the book) — a miraculous story of a Pole being imprisoned in a Siberian gulag in 1939 and then escaping and trekking thousands of miles to freedom. He might have some insights into the nature of God and man that could further this conversation.

I look forward to your reply,
Trent Gilliss, senior editor

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