A Twitterscript with the Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth

by Shubha Bala, associate producer

Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan SacksOn October 15, 2010, Krista interviewed Lord Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth, during our trip to Emory University for a conference called “The Pursuit of Happiness” with the Dalai Lama. We are producing an hour-long radio show and podcast of this face-to-face conversation that will be available on Thursday, November 11th.

We streamed live video of this interview and also live-tweeted (@Beingtweets) some of the highlights. We’ve gathered them together for you in the form of a Twitterscript:

  1. Krista is starting a live interview with Chief Rabbi of the Commonwealth @rabbisacks. Watch at onbeing.org and follow our tweets
    2:01 PM Oct 15th
  2. "God never sets us problems that can’t be solved" - Rabbi Sacks on the problems we face in the 21st century
    2:06 PM Oct 15th
  3. "Most people are struck by the history of Jewish suffering. I’m struck by the history of Jewish recovery from suffering" @rabbisacks 
    2:09 PM Oct 15th
  4. Rabbi Sacks has some engaging ideas…that exceed 140 characters. Watch Krista interviewing him right now: onbeing.org/soflive 
    2:14 PM Oct 15th
  5. "I don’t think the logic of scarcity applies to God. A parent doesn’t love just one kid." @rabbisacks on the dignity of religious diversity
    2:19 PM Oct 15th
  6. "Don’t think we can confine God into our categories…God is bigger than religion." -@rabbisacks Watch live at onbeing.org/soflive
    2:23 PM Oct 15th
  7. @rabbisacks on Orthodox Jewish rapper @matisyahu “Everyone can relate to him, Jewish or not, because he’s so unique.” http://bit.ly/as33L8
    2:41 PM Oct 15th
  8. "Any real religious ritual will receive new meaning with every passing age" @rabbisacks explaining Passover rituals’ modern day significance
    2:50 PM Oct 15th
  9. "It’s when you can feel your opponents pain that you begin the path to reconciliation." @rabbisacks on ending violence through communication
    2:55 PM Oct 15th
  10. "We are in an age where we’re solving the mysteries of nature, but not yet of ourselves. That is the challenge God has given us."@rabbisacks
    3:06 PM Oct 15th

(photo: Trent Gilliss)

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