Revealing Ramadan. Our New, Limited-Run Podcast.
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Trent Gilliss, online editor

We listened to more than a dozen wonderfully moving Ramadan stories during our editorial sessions this week. And then it dawned on us, ‘All this and only one hour of radio? Are we going to let most of this material sit on a hard drive somewhere and collect binary dust?’ (No, we don’t cut tape.)

The resounding answer, ‘Absolutely not!’

In short order, we determined we’d produce a special podcast (will be downloadable in the SOF podcast too). One story per day during the holy month of Ramadan. This limited-run audio series features the voices of Muslims from Madrid to Dallas sharing their stories and encounters about the meaning of Ramadan and how they incorporate those experiences into their personal faith journeys.

Today being the official start of Ramadan in North America, we’ve released our first story with Samar Jarrah (post on the blog to come later today). Tomorrow, Ibrahim Al-Marashi. And, midway through Ramadan, scheduled for the week of September 11th, look out for a full hour, with the same title, of selected stories to be produced for the radio. More to come.

(photo: Mushda Ali/Flickr)

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