Where had I heard the song that threads this video before? I couldn’t put my finger on it until visualizing a water balloon popping in super slow-motion. Ahh, that fantastic Schweppes commercial from several years ago. It seems “To Build a Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra is a popular one for filmmakers. And rightfully so. It pulls the viewer into a scene so immediately and so intimately. Delightful.

This summary about the video from sniffyjenkins is spot on:

This Is Brighton by Caleb Yule

Last year Caleb was just 13-years old when he shot over 45,000 stills of Brighton over 10 months and put them together into this beautiful, beautiful time-lapse, tilt-shifty film of Brighton. I saw this recently at an exhibition in which a friend had some photographs and there was a queue to put on the headphones and watch (the music is “Home” by Cinematic Orchestra which makes me cry with the happysads every damn time). Watch it. It is amazing, whether or not you know my home town, whether or not you think tilt shift is over or lame or whatever. It’s wonderful and I love it.

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    This is Brighton
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    Well done.
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    Holy guacamoley,...eternal love for this song ends and where it begins for this wunnerful...
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    So awesome to think I only live a few miles up the coast. Roll on the summer.
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    right. One time watching this...enough. On Being:
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    Time lapse, tilt shift film on Brighton. How I wish I could go back!
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    This is so lovely.
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