Ascending Staircases of Sonoma Light

by Susan Leem, associate producer

"I think about that ‘empty’ space a lot. That emptiness is what allows for something to actually evolve in a natural way."
Meredith Monk, from Mountain Record

In the video above, the singer and composer Meredith Monk fills up a magical performance space that reaches 78 feet up from the ground to a ceiling that opens to the blue sky. The musicians, dancers, and singers all harmonize on different stories of the tower, almost calling to each other from level to level.

Designed by artist Ann Hamilton, the concrete tower is 24 feet in diameter with a pool of water at the base. The interior reflects some of the natural light that fills the double helix staircase and passes through rhythmically-placed metal handrails. Unlike a more traditional performance space where an audience might sit full-on facing a filled stage, there are pockets and openings in the tower to allow performers or even the audience to inhabit the walls. Light, song, and beauty naturally evolve into that empty space.

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    See also the on Being audio interview: Meredith Monk’s Voice, February 16, 2012.
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