Anonymous asked:
Do you have a separate section, and or web link, for show music; songs and or music featured during shows? Thank you.

Good morning, Anonymous—

Show Playlist for Meredith Monk's VoiceWe sure do. Take this week’s show with Meredith Monk, for example. If you want a simple catalogue rundown of the song titles we used in the final radio/podcast production, check out our "books + music" lists page, which features the album and a link to Amazon (we get a small kickback from each purchase that covers expenses).

Even better, we offering a “show playlist” in which you can listen to each full track simply by streaming it. I guess you could call it a streaming jukebox. Here’s an example of a variation on our streaming player featuring a hand-picked list of Ms. Monk’s music she said is most meaningful to her.

Hope this helps,

Trent Gilliss, senior editor

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