Video Spoof: “We Didn’t Start the Pledge Drive”

by Trent Gilliss, senior editor

NPR Video Spoof with Krista TippettPublic radio has some pretty geeky fans, and they’re enamored with the names of its on-air talent. Nonetheless, you gotta dig the enthusiasm, especially when they’re trying to raise money to support our work. And, this year, even our host Krista Tippett makes the cut with a churchy backdrop infused with heavenly light. Viral madness?

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  1. omyall answered: doing my best to make it viral, facebooked it with much enthusiasm.
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  3. mitologiasvivas answered: would it cut it “all is fair in love and war,” or is it too bellicose for you? I rather not go to “ends justify…” etc: too jesuitical!
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