The quote you posted as Arabic is not Arabic. It's English. If you look at it clearly, you can read it in English . I'm not fluent in the language , but i can read it. And this ,is not Arabic .

To my dear Tumblr friend, theradioriot

I can only thank you for clarifying that which I could not see Mr. Pitt and the Magic Eye Posterin my previous reblog. Ugh. You point out a personal deficiency of mine, something that’s haunted me for decades. A scene from Seinfeld (yes, I’m that old) immediately comes to mind:

MR. PITT: (staring at 3-D poster) I think I’m on to something!
ELAINE: Mr. Pitt! The board of directors is on the phone. They’ve called an emergency meeting. They want you to be there to discuss the merger!
MR. PITT: You said keep your eyes out of focus, which is misleading. You want deep focus!
ELAINE: Mr. Pitt, you have got to stop staring at that poster!
MR. PITT: I see something that could be a spaceship. Is it round? Is it pointy?
ELAINE: (grabs poster, smashes it) No, you don’t see it, and you’re never going to see it! (grabs Pitt by the lapels, getting ink all over his jacket)
MR. PITT: Hmm, what’s happened to me? (straightens lapels) When’s the meeting?
ELAINE: In about twenty minutes.
MR. PITT: Oh! (puts finger to face, smearing ink on his upper lip which now resembles a Hitler-style moustache) Do I have time to change?
ELAINE: Um, no.
MR. PITT: Well, excuse me, I’d better get straight over there.
ELAINE: Uh, Mr. Pitt…
MR. PITT: Yes?
ELAINE: Um, there’s a just… (points at her own upper lip)
MR. PITT: (sees Elaine’s hands covered in ink) Is that ink?
(Mr. Pitt exits)

I’m public radio’s Mister Pitt of Magic Eye posters, and you’ve found me out.

Many thanks for the correction,
Trent Gilliss, senior editor

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