Anonymous asked:
Why is it that you senior editor does not seem to have anything authentically substantial to contribute?

Dear Anonymous:

Unfortunately he’s a simple man who is trying his best but doesn’t quite meet the standards of all. Believe me, I know he aspires to contribute something substantial before he retires from public radio. In the meantime, he’ll keep on striving to clear that bar.

Please be patient with him,
Trent Gilliss, senior editor

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  1. hudsonlgardner said: In a more constructive tone: I often skip over posts from BeingBlog because they’re pretty long. Just a photo or a short poem some time, chosen from the wealth of things you view and know of, would be appreciated (those things do appear sometimes!)
  2. mitologiasvivas said: Got it! sorry, did not read the signature. :)
  3. ten-gan said: trent, i think you’re great. thank you for blogging.
  4. beingblog posted this