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Last week Sylvia Boornstein told of the two wolves in the heart of the grandparent one "love" and what was the other??? The one I feed is the one that will survive. I think of it every day and have tried to tell it to my grandchildren. I've been calling the other one anger, but I don't remember what Ms Boornstein called it.

Good morning, Anon:

This is one of those parables that cycles itself and emerges anew, isn’t it? Here’s the story as Ms. Boorstein told it to Krista in Detroit:

"One of my friends has a story that he likes to tell which I’ve heard now as a Native American story. I’ve heard it as every kind of a story, but as wise grandfather saying to his grandson — or it could be a wise grandmother saying to her granddaughter — I have two wolves in my heart: One is loving and one is vicious and they’re at war with each other. The grandchild is saying, which is going to win? And the grandparent saying, the one I feed."

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