Campaign Update: Final Days to Contribute
Krista Tippett, host

A hearty thanks to all of you who have contributed to Speaking of Faith so far. Since we began this online campaign, more than 270 people have donated nearly $25,000 toward our goal of $50,000.

And, more than 50,000 of our audiences subscribe to our e-mail newsletter alone — and download more than 750,000 mp3s per month. Internet bandwidth, which allows us to provide these free downloads and audio streams, is expensive.

If each of you donated just a couple of dollars, we’d quickly exceed our goal. That’s all. Or contribute $120, and we’ll send you the new Speaking of Faith t-shirt. Please act now.

The photo above was taken several weeks ago when I interviewed Matthieu Ricard, a Buddhist monk who is involved in the Dalai Lama’s ongoing dialogue with scientists and has been decreed the “happiest man in the world” by a scientist. He is undoubtedly one of the world’s wise men. We spoke about happiness in terms of presence to the fullness of experience — an approach to life that must be cultivated if it is to deepen and flourish.

We streamed live video of our conversation from Vancouver, British Columbia for you to watch in real time. It’s just one of the many extra efforts we make to include all of you in the process. Please do your part today. Contribute now. You can make a big difference.

And, once again, thank you all for listening, reading, watching, and supporting our efforts.

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