SOF Playlist Track: Cepia, Hoarse
Mitch Hanley, Senior Producer

Some of the music choices for next week’s show on Mormonism represented, for me, another angle of consideration of this young religion. As I layered in the track above (“Hoarse”) from Cepia, an electronic group from Minneapolis, I considered the rather traditional school of thought that feels electronic, or “computer” music, to be anything but music.

If I had to guess as to why one might feel this way it is perhaps that the sounds in this genre are not generated in the same way as, for example, the “true” sounds of a violin, the rich, pure notes physically scraped off of metal strands which are held taut across a wooden frame, an age-old tradition dating back hundreds of years. Perhaps. However, what of the feelings that this music generates in someone — the joy, the ecstasy, the wonderment — that are a direct result of these sounds, these computer-generated sounds? Does the catalyst really matter, whether it be a 300-year-old violin, or a 2-month-old Mac, if the sounds move the spirit?

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