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Our Sunday's get started in bed with our eyes closed listening, conjuring and celebrating with "On Being" with Krista Tippett. This is our grounding for the week ahead. Last week we could not find it on our home station WBEZ, Chicago, and we have been terribly distressed. What happened? Where are you? Rogene and Larry Kirkegaard

Dear Rogene and Larry—

Thank you so much for writing. We are distressed, as you are, that WBEZ has stopped carrying On Being.

We love our Chicago listeners. The best thing you can do is let Chicago Public Media know you listen and that you care; write WBEZ directly or give them a call at 312-948-4600 — and encourage others who listen to On Being to do the same (via Facebook or Tumblr, email or Twitter).

We are grateful to you for taking the time to ask.

Very best regards,
Krista Tippett, host

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  1. musinge said: Please make rebloggable, I’d like to add my name to those that feel BEZ messed up.
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