Such a pretty tune on this Monday morning. Thanks to bitzlbitzlr:

Colossal Gospel - ‘Bloody Boat’

A duo that manage to sound like an entire chorus choir, Colossal Gospel are Stephen Weibelt and Chris Johnson, just a couple of southern folkies -  Leeds, Alabama to be exact.

As they harmonise on ‘Bloody Boat’, their chorals rattle and echo against a roll of steely guitar, swelling with reverberation. “Though you do not speak, I know you are with me”, they quiver on the chilling bonfire song - a real raw, Gothic Americana tune.

The track is off their debut album called Circles - out now on Autumn Tone.


~Trent Gilliss, senior editor

(via mhisadj)

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    Colossal Gospel - ‘Bloody Boat’
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    Such a pretty tune on this Monday morning. Thanks to bitzlbitzlr: ~Trent Gilliss, senior editor (via mhisadj)
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