How do you show what’s happened to these women? You can’t. So you show their lives without their husbands and sons. You look for these moments where you see how hard it is for them, how they break down. From simple things, like putting a shelf up, to having somebody else help them with their kids.

Diana Markosian, on photographing surviving women in the North Caucasus

Muslims in Russia
From “Muslims in Russia” (photo: ©Diana Markosian)

by Shubha Bala, associate producer

I love this interview with 21-year-old photographer Diana Markosian and what she says about how she gets her honest photographs:

"News photographers know exactly what shot they’re looking for. After they have it, they’ll leave. But you stick around for just a bit, and you’ll get something a little different.

It seems to me to be the visual version of what we do here at Krista Tippett on Being.

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