Recall the reports in August about the well-intentioned woman who defaced this prized Spanish fresco in Borja? Well, according to this piece from PRI’s The World, it looks like Cecilia Jimenez’s botched restoration has now become an economic boon to the local community. Tourists are flocking to the town, filling bars and hotels. And even the Sanctuary of Mercy Church is cashing in:

"In the entrance to the sanctuary, custodian Jose Maria Aznar, tended the till, charging one euro to get in, and 12 euros for a lottery ticket bearing the image of the defaced fresco. Entry used to be free. Aznar said he’s not used to handling so much cash, and messes up people’s change all the time.

'Usually in mid October we get about 20 visitors a day during the week,' Aznar said. 'Now, its 150. And on the weekends, we’re getting up to 1500 visitors. Everyone is really happy with what’s going on.'

The money, Aznar said, is being used to maintain the sanctuary, and to support an old folks home.”

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