When Life Gives You Lemons…

by Robyn Carolyn Price, USC “Reporting on Israel” Journalism Student

Editor’s note: Krista and the On Being team are in Israel this week and working with Diane Winston’s graduate students from the University of Southern California Annenberg School of Communication & Journalism. We’ll be sharing some of these students’ reports as part of our collaboration and to add to the diversity of observations of this complex place.

While walking around the Katamonim neighborhood in Jerusalem, Yardena Hamu explains that this rock formation is a sculpture that was created by a local artist.

Yardena, a Mizrahi Jew, has lived in this lower class area, generally reserved for non-Ashkenazi Jews, her entire life. Members of this community often suffer discrimination because of the countries they migrate to Israel from — such as Ethiopia, Iraq, and other Arab countries.

For as long as Yardena can remember, these rocks have been scattered about her neighborhood. And so a local artist took neighborhood beautification into his own hands and created a sculpture the community could be proud to look at.

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