One of These Kids Is Doing His Own Thing?

Trent Gilliss, Online Editor

Somehow Lauren Collins’ piece in The New Yorker is magically able to connect an unlikely list of characters — a gangbanger, a former president of the United States, producers from teen drama, a Native American peacemaker from colonial days, and a boxing promoter — with Rick Warren and the publicity he’s generated for the upcoming election event at Saddleback Church.

Promotional Pop-up Ad for Presidential Event at Saddleback Church

The author’s characterization of the ad promoting the event may be a tad overstated though — everything from the typefaces to the colors and the backdrop:

Dominating the church’s Web site is a pop-up ad in the style of an old-timey woodcut poster, the type you might see announcing a Willie Nelson stand at the Ryman. McCain and Obama face off in three-quarter profile, as if tuning up for a battle of the bands.

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