Cycles of Life and Daffodils
Nancy Rosenbaum, associate producer

"Last year at this time, I passed this field of daffodils every day going to visit my aunt who was dying. As the spring progressed and the first shoots of the daffodils appeared, I saw the changes each day riding by as the buds appeared. The flowers bloomed and then, of course, finished their amazing show and vanished back into the earth. She died soon after.

The field once again turned to a level green field of grass. This year I’ve been taking the same daily ride, but this time for my uncle. The daffodils were back this year in all their glory. The cycle and our journey continues.”

We received this touching photo and reflection from Ruth Govatos in Wilmington, Delaware in response to our call-out for pictures on how you are spiritually nourished by gardening and growing things from the soil. Share your photos with us.

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