Hey, check out this 3D rendering of the storefront of our new office on Hennepin Ave in Minneapolis. The building is located near Loring Park, which is the religious and cultural hub of the city — with the Basilica of St. Mary directly across the street, the Walker Art Center and Sculpture Garden a block away, St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, and Minneapolis Community & Technical College just up the street.

The space pictured in the image above will be an intimate live events space. We can seat 25-60 (I prefer to keep it below 25) and we plan on having Krista Tippett (our host) conduct interviews next to the 17-foot library wall. But, we also hope to make it available for the community to hold informal salons and cultural exchanges that deepen our connection with the community. It’s a place of exchange and reciprocity, in which we as journalists and the media get a chance to learn and remember why we’re in this profession.

Here are two more renderings from different perspectives. From the front of the house looking into the space, you can see our studio with the herringbone pattern wrapped in Douglas fir:

20130820_Design Perspectives_with KTPP comments_Page_2

And, from the back of the space looking toward Hennepin Avenue:

20130820_Design Perspectives_with KTPP comments_Page_1

~Trent Gilliss, chief content officer

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