Anonymous asked:
How may I access Martin Rees interview?

Good morning. There are several paths to hear “Cosmic Origami and What We Don’t Know” with Lord Rees:

  • Podcast. All of our shows and the unedited interviews with each guest are free to download and will be delivered automagically to your computer. For many, subscribing on iTunes is the easiest way to get it.
  • Website. You can stream or download a free mp3 of the episode from the show page.
  • Radio. Yes, you can actually go old school and turn on the radio, dial up your local public radio station, and listen. I’m a digital devices guy but still love the serendipity of this method. The hyperlink will connect you with a listing of the 250 public radio stations that carry our program.
  • Blog. Each week, Krista writes an essay reflecting on her conversation with her guests. To accompany it, we create an audio post of the show. It’s sort of a combo platter of text and audio goodness.
  • Mobile. Not yet, but we are aiming for a late 2011 release of an iPhone/Android app. That’s right after we migrate our website from static HTML (yes, it’s true) to a content management system (Drupal for those who are curious).

~answered by Trent Gilliss, senior editor

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