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It is time for you to bring The humanist & environmentalist E. O. Wilson on your show. Mr. Wilson would be a leveling influence to those guests on your show that feel that the answer to society's disfunctional lifestyle is prayer and more technology. I would guess that he would tell you that society has a bright future but only in relation to our allowing the environment to also have a bright future. *

Jim Mauch - Cudahy, Wisconsin
* That Twinky came from the environment.

E.O. Wilson is a guest that we’ve discussed several times but have never been able to schedule. We definitely want to have him on the program. Not only are his many ideas about the environment and philosophy intriguing, his religious background and upbringing are worthy of asking him about and how it informs his approach to life and work event today.

~answered by Trent Gilliss, senior editor

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