Tuesday Evening Melody: “The Birth and Death of the Day” by Explosions in the Sky

by Trent Gilliss, senior editor

The Wedding Couple in the Wind and the Rain

This evening’s melody is recommended by Mila Vecore, a listener who heard our call-out for song suggestions on the radio and made her way to our submissions form. This is exactly the kind of story we were looking for:

Wedding March"My mind (and soul) went straight to a song by an instrumental band, Explosions in the Sky, called "The Birth and Death of the Day." It is amazing how much emotion it evokes without a single word being expressed. In fact, I chose this as our wedding march and, as if the weather seemed to conspire with the music, an unexpected and very temporary rainstorm hit our outdoor ceremony, only to dissipate shortly thereafter with beautiful sunshine.

Wedding Attendees Run from the RainThis song captured that moment, but every time I listen to it I can tell it would be memorable for many others, for their own reasons, if they just were exposed to it.”

I hadn’t heard this track before. But, after listening to it, you’ll madly long to have attended Mila’s wedding!

A big thanks to exposing us to this album! We’re glad you wrote.

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  1. ayocanada said: explosions in the sky is awesome. I like how the track goes through so many different stages
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