An Exquisite Portrait Worth Sharing
Trent Gilliss, senior editor

Sometimes a guy just has to share the majestic. I consider this portrait of Ellen Davis one of these opportunities.

Last Thursday I asked Jon Goldstein at Duke Divinity School to send me a few photos of this week’s guest, hoping that one would give me enough lateral space to work with for her bio pic. Being in a rush, I passed right over this exquisite portrait. I think it really speaks to our title “Land, Life, and the Poetry of Creatures.” It also reminds me of this passage in in the opening chapter of her book, Scripture, Culture, and Agriculture: An Agrarian Reading of the Bible:

"The present generation is embroiled in a crisis that is, in material terms, the most far-reaching crisis in humanity’s life with God; it concerns us precisely as creatures, so far as we know, who are susceptible to moral failure. The crisis has its roots in our moral lives, yet it now touches and probably affects every aspect of our physical existence and possibly that of every creature in the biosphere."

(photo: the Eno)

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