Got broken into last Saturday. First, they tried to pry open the front door; then they found their way in through the back…

As far as we know, only a laptop was stolen, but it’s not my favorite way to be spending a holiday evening with my family. Nevertheless my lovely wife helped me clean it up and our landlord came immediately with a new piece of glass.

There’s a lot to be thankful for. And now we have an upgraded security system that I hope will put our staff’s mind a bit better at ease.

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  3. musinge said: Sorry to read this. Best wishes!
  4. rilandune said: So sorry to hear about the break-in, that’s terrible! For what it’s worth, I do hope you enjoyed the rest of your holidays, and that the security system will keep everyone feeling safe!
  5. jennasfawn said: So sorry that happened to you so soon after renovations….or that it happened at all.
  6. apatosaurus said: Good luck.
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    So sorry you all had to experience this, but so glad y’all are safe and feeling more secure. Peace, blessings and joy!
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