Anonymous asked:
Do you have any pictures or video of Aida Refugee Camp ? if you do, where it is in your website. Thanks.

Hey there. Thanks for the question! We have two behind-the-scenes, full-length interviews from Krista’s interviews from within the Lajee Center at Aida camp. If you heard this week’s produced show for the podcast and radio program "Pleasure More Than Hope," then you’ll be able to watch the longer versions with two of these voices. One with Amahl Bishara, a professor of Antrhopology at Tufts Unversity:

And another with Nidal Al-Azraq, a program at the Lajee Center, a youth arts and media cultural center:

Oh, and we have dumped a large number of raw, unprocessed photos (all of the good and the not-so-good, so be prepared for some blurry bits) from our trip to Israel and the West Bank on our Flickr page. The full set is available here.

~answered by Trent Gilliss, senior editor

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