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I'm curious what your thoughts are on the cacophony of End Times predictions out there today. It would be interesting to do a show featuring theologians and scientists on this subject. Perhaps something to calm the storm?

No particular opinion besides the fact that, during slow news cycles, the media can grind these stories into the ground. There ought to be more tell and less dwell.

I like your idea of talking to people about these ideas and predictions, but perhaps it’s more about trying to understand the roots of these ideas and why people latch onto them. I’m sure that some of the origins for apocalyptic beliefs are fascinating in and of themselves, and would go a long way in understanding how people seriously worry whether they are prepared for another era.

We have so many interviews in the can and shows scheduled that I doubt we would do something for the radio, but it would be fun to explore online. I’m all ears.

~answered by Trent Gilliss, senior editor

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