Fill in the Blank: “I am from…”

by Trent Gilliss, senior editor

"I am from"

Someone submitted this unfinished phrase for a potential guest post. Rather than discard the entry, let’s use this incomplete line as an opportunity to share and learn about each other, have a little fun on this Friday before the holiday weekend, and get creative!

Here are the guidelines: answer it any way you like. If you want to build on this phrase in prose — with one word, one sentence, one paragraph, one essay, then do so. If you want to finish this phrase with a photo or a photo essay, then do it. If you want to elaborate on this phrase with a line of poesy or a stanza, then do so.

Share something about yourself, your heritage, your geography, your interior mind, your imaginings or vulnerabilities. I’ll be featuring some of the most intriguing and creative ones from the comment section to this post in the coming days.

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  1. mhisadj answered: I am from the spaces in-between; from the grooves upon vinyl to the air that separates book pages.
  2. mhgutier answered: i am from neither here or their. i just am.
  3. shadesofpomegranate said: God, & to Him shall I return :)
  4. authorlauralee answered: the earth born and to it shall I return.
  5. nathallialaurin answered:
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