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The Future of Marriage ~ In the Room with Jonathan Rauch and David Blankenhorn (live video)

when: Wed. Oct. 10th, 2012 (12pm CT/1pm ET)
 The Humphrey Institute, Minneapolis

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As our civilization struggles with how to define marriage, Krista will be talking with two leaders who have been on two sides of the gay marriage debate and see a way beyond acrimony.

Redefining the definition of marriage is a monumental cultural transition. But we’ve reduced our public deliberation of this matter — even inside our religious institutions — to a matter of votes and laws. The reality is, even one-third of Democrats still express opposition to gay marriage. But younger people of every political and moral persuasion are coming to a collective comfort level and consensus.

Jonathan Rauch is a gay man and gay marriage advocate who respects the values and concerns of social conservatives and wants them taken seriously. David Blankenhorn is a self-identified liberal Democrat and long-time family and marriage advocate, who testified for gay marriage opponents during California’s Prop. 8 ballot initiative. But he has recently withdrawn his legal opposition to gay marriage, acknowledging the emerging moral consensus. They have developed a friendship that has surprised and changed them both.

We’ll listen in on their common struggle to respond compassionately to both sides of our human and civilizational encounter with same-sex union, and to discuss it in terms of civil society and a pro-family agenda.

We’ll be live streaming this dialogue. Watch along and participate in the dialogue taking place online!

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