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Storyteller Kevin Kling: A Twitterscript

by Susan Leem, associate producer

Kevin KlingKevin Kling is “part funny guy, part poet and playwright, part wise man.” And, we here at On Being were delighted to have the playwright and storyteller in our studios to share his life lessons and experiences with us.

On February 9, we live-tweeted highlights of his  interview with Krista Tippett and have aggregated them below for those who weren’t able to follow along. Follow us next time at @BeingTweets.

For those not familiar with Kevin Kling, he is a prolific writer, performer, and a nationally recognized artist.  He may be best known for his storytelling and commentaries at National Public Radio. With humanity and wit, Kling describes life growing up in the Midwest with his congenital birth defect, and how he’s been changed after surviving a near-fatal motorcycle accident.

  1. Kevin Kling is in the room now (1pm CST - 2:30pm). Please join our live video stream and chat with us at http://bit.ly/bmE6vj [9 Feb, 1:00 PM]
  2. "I was always blessed to be around good storytellers." ~Kevin Kling http://bit.ly/bmE6vj [9 Feb, 1:11 PM]
  3. "I still think of spirit through the breath." ~Kevin Kling http://bit.ly/bmE6vj [9 Feb, 1:12 PM]
  4. "Humor is a way to establish trust." ~Kevin Kling http://bit.ly/bmE6vj [9 Feb, 1:14 PM]
  5. "For the rest of my life I will have a foot in another world." ~Kevin Kling, on living after a motorcycle accident http://bit.ly/bmE6vj [9 Feb, 1:19 PM]
  6. "Shakespeare could get pretty folksy." ~Kevin Kling http://bit.ly/bmE6vj [9 Feb, 1:20 PM]
  7. "Compassion can have a shelf life." ~Kevin Kling http://bit.ly/bmE6vj [9 Feb, 1:23 PM]
  8. "When you are born w/ loss, you grow from it. When you experience loss later in life, you grow toward it." ~Kevin Kling http://bit.ly/bmE6vj [9 Feb, 1:29 PM]
  9. "There are blessings in my curses every day, even today." ~Kevin Kling http://bit.ly/bmE6vj  [9 Feb, 1:37 PM]
  10. "[A good cry] is like an inward sauna." ~Kevin Kling http://bit.ly/bmE6vj [9 Feb, 1:39 PM]
  11. "With every discovery, a million more mysteries come up. It’s more important to find solace in a mystery." ~Kevin Kling http://bit.ly/bmE6vj [9 Feb, 1:43 PM]
  12. "Sense of humor is not only regional, it’s weather-driven." ~Kevin Kling http://bit.ly/bmE6vj [9 Feb, 1:46 PM]
  13. "We need to rewrite our stories so we can sleep at night" ~Kevin Kling http://bit.ly/bmE6vj [9 Feb, 1:58 PM]
  14. "Nobody’s an artist on purpose." ~Kevin Kling http://bit.ly/bmE6vj [9 Feb, 2:00 PM]