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Tuesday Evening Melody: “I & Thou” by The Daredevil Christopher Wright

by Susan Leem, associate producer

Martin Buber portrait

"I love exploring my own doubt, and how people have wrestled with the idea of understanding human motivation, purpose."
~Jason Sunde, songwriter

Martin Buber's 1923 seminal work I and Thou is essential reading for many a seminary student. And, the Wisconsin band The Daredevil Christopher Wright has rendered this classic namesake into song. And it’s got us reading and talking more about this Jewish religious thinker too.

"Every Thou in the world is by its nature fated to become a thing, or continually re-enter into the condition of things."
~Martin Buber, from I and Thou

Our colleague Chris Roberts spoke with the songwriters for his latest story at Minnesota Public Radio. Listen to the audio (left).