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Song of Sitting Bull at the Surrender of Fort Buford

by Trent Gilliss, senior editor

For the Lakota people, Cedric Good House of Standing Rock Reservation says, songs kept different memories and meanings alive. Sitting Bull sang the song above, Mr. Good House says, to remind his people of their way of living at a time when things looked most bleak — in what the history books describe as the “surrender” at Fort Buford:

"Our story says it was an exchange of lifestyle. People were starving. He chose that the better would be for them to have food and shelter. So he in turn took his rifle, he gave it to his son; his son gave it to Colonel Buford or whatever his name was. And he’s the one that called it a surrender, but it wasn’t a surrender. It was an exchange of lifestyle. You’re going to give this lifestyle to my son, not to me."

Check out the rest of our show, "Tatanka Iyotake: Reimagining Sitting Bull," to hear more of Cedric Good House and Sitting Bull’s great-grandson Ernie LaPointe describe the spiritual legacy of Tatanka Iyotake.


We’re in the audio business and are marveling. We can only imagine the possibilities of layering the hand movements of our favorite public radio personalities and putting them to music (think Brian Eno adapting his generative music app) to form some type of chamber piece.

From theatlanticvideo:

At the Intersection of Music and Data, Visualizing a Drummer’s Movements

Bartek Szlachcic, an audiovisual artist based in Poland, used motion capture software to trace his drumsticks in space during a performance, creating this mesmerizing video. Portrait of a Ghost Drummer is a part of the artist’s ongoing investigation of “the interdependence between sound, video, human senses and issues of data storage,” a solo project named Odaibe.

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