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The Sound of … Minn Heima
Trent Gilliss, Online Editor

It’s been quite some time since I posted a video snack on SOF Observed. And although it’s creeping into the evening hours on a Friday night here in SOF cubicleland, I needed a reprieve after a compressed work week.

There’s no better cure than the music of the Icelandic group Sigur Rós. Shed the angst and stress of a ruthless schedule without going classical. Now pair that with some out-of-this-world visuals of mustangs galloping, brooks gurgling, and velvety-soft mossy mountains lying low under a travelling sky and magic’s about to enter the room.

Ben Millett, whom I just realized makes his home in our sister city of Minneapolis, makes me long for a distinct show on sacred space. We tangentially touched on this topic with our program on the Rural Studio. Maybe the director/designer Julie Taymor is that voice, or perhaps James Turrell. Are you all aware of any other people out there that are just waiting to be heard on this topic?