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Still Making Great Stories
Trent Gilliss, Online Editor

A couple of years ago, Bill Buzenberg, the former executive producer of SOF, embarked on a new endeavor as executive director of The Center for Public Integrity (CPI) in the District. Bill’s a veteran journalist and a newsman who believes in the power of investigative journalism. He’s the man responsible for helping Krista get SOF on the public radio air waves — no small endeavor at the time, indeed. Bill’s astute experience, precision ear, and the ability to frame a topic was of immeasurable help in our editorial sessions, and we miss him greatly.

View a larger image of this graph.Ethics and morality in the workplace is a popular topic. It’s relevant in most all of our lives. But, how about among our most trusted governmental officials? The Center for Public Integrity has produced a meticulously detailed report and gripping Web site called Iraq: The War Card. The investigative report documents the false statements made by President Bush and seven senior officials of his administration in orchestrating the war on Iraq.

In the video above, Bill talks about the report, the Center’s work, and the state of journalism today on C-SPAN’s Q&A. I think you’ll get a feel for Bill’s savvy and his passion for great journalism. Three cheers!