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Some days this song is the quickest route to gratitude.

~ A delightfully mellow rendition of Monty Python by Alexander Stamatis

Just remember that you’re standing on a planet that’s evolving
And revolving at nine hundred miles an hour
That’s orbiting at nineteen miles a second, so it’s reckoned
A sun that is the source of all our power

The sun and you and me and all the stars that we can see
Are moving at a million miles a day
In an outer spiral arm, at forty thousand miles an hour
Of the galaxy we call the ‘milky way’


The sun’s back in Minnesota and you can see patches of green grass. As good a reason to rejoice as I’ve ever heard. ‘


It’s awfully difficult not to love Rufus Wainwright and this catchy ditty he just released on his “best of” album. “Me and Liza.”

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An awesome piece of inter-species jazz shared by a listener in response to this post on the blog:

Do you know about David Rothenberg? He’s a jazz musician and philosopher who plays with animals, including whales. He has also played with birds, even cicadas! Amazing musician.


Just love the poetry of Lia Ices’ harmonies. A soundtrack for your contemplative Tuesday evening :)

It’s nothing less, nothing less between the worldly
And the one self
All this breathing and the truth that’s in your last breath
Don’t it make you want to cry?

So fly, fly and we’ll wear you like a leaf crown
Fly cause your truth is in the solid ground


Though my colleague can’t imagine why anyone would dare try to cover this GNR classic, I can’t resist. I love covers for the exact reason that songs are meant for interpretation. Meet Miche Braden and friends with this very sweet version.


Working late and feeling the love of Alicia Keys and Adam Levine’s unplugged duet of “Wild Horses.” Just what Big Daddy G needed.


The kind of song to settle in with a cup of tea after a long day


Another orchestral piece of wonder from Sound Cloud:

SoundClouder of the Day | Hendric Bünck

Hendric Bünck is a young soundtrack composer from Berlin. His track Leaving is a dramatic string based adagio. It breaks down in the middle, only to come back with a strong orchestral swell, ending with an epic drama that sounds like yearning. Hendric is our SoundClouder of the Day. 


Music made from guns (literally). Well, a flute made from gun barrel. Imagine.

(via Upworthy)


Anger is masterful at painting the illusion of separateness, the tunnel vision that severs and frays the bonds of relationship and distorts our memory for joy. Perhaps this is why the command “love your enemies” is so magnetic — because I know that anger reduces my world to a single color, and I long for the many-hued brilliance of the full picture.

That moment, when I chose anger over love, I lost something deeply precious, something magical and inexplicable and nearly impossible to describe.

I am reminded of a remarkable interview of Jack Leroy Tueller, a decorated World War II veteran. His incredible story says more about the power of loving your enemies than I could ever put into words:

"This is two weeks after D-Day. It was dark, raining, muddy. And I’m stressed so I get my trumpet out. And the commander said, ‘Jack, don’t play tonight because there’s one sniper left.’ I thought to myself that German sniper is as scared and lonely as I am. So I thought, I’ll play his love song."

Read the full reflection on Tueller and grieving the space between us. 


So, I can’t stop playing this song by uber-producer/hip hop artist Pharrell Williams. It’s from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, and it’s been nominated for an Oscar for best song of the year.

It is so uplifting, refreshing, and inspiring. You can’t listen to it and not smile or dance. We should celebrate that.

~Lily Percy, senior producer

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Gorgeous piano playing from Sally Whitwell to play during commercials while watching championship football:

Russian Rag by Elena Kats Chernin, performed by Sally Whitwell (me!) on the album The Good, the Bad and the Awkward.

Am performing this at Adelaide Fringe Festival in a few weeks time. Can’t wait! Elena Kats Chernin is one of my very favourite composers in this mad, bad, crazy world…

~Trent Gilliss, head of content

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In the video "Lemonade", CocoRosie’s characters wear colorful mustaches and exquisite 19th century inspired gowns while strolling through footage of a hauntingly beautiful Victorian-style mansion. The interaction between light and dark themes resonates deeply in their work, as Sierra Casady notes:

“In general, light and dark are something to balance one another in life, and as children we have not yet decided and differentiated which things are light and dark so there is this murky experience of what’s happening, we haven’t decided what is good and bad yet.”


Pensive and dramatic is right. But what seems a rather cold + lonely day just got a little bit brighter:

SoundClouder of the Day | Madeleine Hanover 

Madeleine Hanover is an Australian composer primarily writing soundtracks for TV, Film, and other projects. Like many of her tracks, I’d Give You All My Time And Space immediately feels cinematic. It’s pensive and dramatic but also hopeful and dynamic, with several brief orchestral swells that accompany the piano.

(via soundcloud)